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Issue 37, Summer 2016

Editor: Emily Temple
Poetry Editor: Courtney Flerlage
Fiction Editor: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Nonfiction Editor: Helen Chandler
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Beth Hoeckel

Hadara Bar-Nadav, "Jar" (Poetry) pgs. 30-31 // "House" (Poetry) pgs. 32-33 // "Plant" (Poetry) pg. 34
Sara Brickman, "The Big Book of Exit Strategies by Jamaal May" (Review) pgs. 143-145
Kristene Brown, "Small Nod of Time" (Poetry) pgs. 88-89 // "Small Nod of Time" (Poetry) pgs. 88-89
Molly McCully Brown, "To the Woman on the Balcony of the Bar" (Poetry) pg. 25 // "Useless Information I Wish You Were Alive to Know" (Poetry) pg. 26 // "Transubstantiation" (Poetry) pg. 27
Brian Castleberry, "Real Historical Figures" (Fiction) pgs. 35-43
Aaron Coleman, "Where We Choose to Hide" (Poetry) pg. 98 // "But the Myth is Too Beautiful" (Poetry) pg. 99
Carol V. Davis, "Again the Crows" (Poetry) pg. 44
Michael Dhyne, "Widening Income Inequality by Frederick Seidel" (Review) pgs. 130-132
Samantha Duncan, "Chaos Theory" (Fiction) pgs. 28-29
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Some Possible Solutions by Helen Phillips" (Review) pgs. 138-139
Courtney Flerlage, "Ramshackle Ode by Keith Leonard" (Review) pgs. 135-137
Seth Gannon, "The Photographer" (Fiction) pgs. 100-116
Christian Gullette, "Starling Murmuration" (Poetry) pg. 87
Carlson Heath, "Marsland" (Fiction) pgs. 47-61
Beth Hoeckel, "Six Collages" (Artwork) pgs. 63-69
Kathleen Jones, "Valentines" (Poetry) pgs. 96-97
Chris Knapp, "Zero K by Don DeLillo" (Review) pgs. 125-129
Jessica Lilien, "Woman and Giraffe" (Fiction) pgs. 5-12
Anzhelina Polonskaya, "Don't Shine, July" (Nonfiction) pgs. 91-95
Paulina Reso, "The Widows" (Fiction) pgs. 17-24
Raf Richardson, "Hystopia by David Means" (Review) pgs. 149-150
Valencia Robin, "Rapture by Sjohnna McCray" (Review) pgs. 140-142
Adam Roux, "LaRose by Louise Erdrich" (Review) pgs. 133-134
Philip Schaefer, "Bad Summon" (Poetry) pg. 3 // "I'm Keeping the Wooden Horse" (Poetry) pg. 13
Rob Shapiro, "An Interview with Nick Flynn" (Interview) pgs. 117-124 // "Night Sky Frequencies: New and Selected Poems by Debra Nystrom" (Review) pgs. 146-148
Analicia Sotelo, "Revelation at the All-Girls School" (Poetry) pg. 45 // "Ariadne's Guide to Getting a Man" (Fiction) pg. 46
Adam Tavel, "During the Seventh Inning Stretch, a Country Time Lemonade Commercial Airs" (Poetry) pg. 90
Corey Van Landingham, "Love Letter to the President" (Poetry) pgs. 15-16
Andrew Wachtel, "Don't Shine, July" (Nonfiction) pgs. 91-95
John Woods, "White" (Fiction) pgs. 70-86
sam sax, "Objectophile" (Poetry) pg. 14

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Issue 36, Winter 2016

Editor: Emily Temple
Fiction Editor: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Poetry Editor: Courtney Flerlage
Nonfiction Editor: Helen Chandler
Managing Editor: Teresa Kim
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Madeline Gobbo

Reem Abu-Baker, "Professional" (Fiction) pg. 61
Kirstin Allio, "Manifesto" (Nonfiction) pgs. 52-53
Christopher Brunt, "Waterclocks and Whirling Buckets" (Poetry) pg. 3 // "The Metaphysician Calls His Mother from Jail" (Poetry) pg. 4
Helen Chandler, "An Interview with Lucy Corin" (Interview) pgs. 69-74
Lucy Corin, "An Interview with Lucy Corin" (Interview) pgs. 69-74
Jimmie Cumbie, "Argonaut" (Poetry) pgs. 19-20
Katherine Doyle, "At the Time" (Fiction) pg. 59
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Jim Krusoe's The Sleep Garden" (Review) pgs. 79-80
Melody Gee, "On the Vine" (Poetry) pg. 16
Peter Grandbois, "As if darkness doesn't come drop by drop" (Poetry) pgs. 21-22
Landis Grenville, "francis j. harris's play dead" (Review) pgs. 83-84
Jessica Guzman Alderman, "Wedding Inverse" (Poetry) pg. 75
Sara Henning, "These Are Not Nice Birds" (Poetry) pgs. 13-15
Brandi Kalicki, "Melody Tusk of the Carolina Coast" (Fiction) pgs. 17-18
Laura Legge, "Vine of the Dead" (Fiction) pgs. 37-46
Albert Maginnes, "One Circle" (Poetry) pgs. 47-48
Maxwell McDonough, "The Dogshark" (Poetry) pgs. 63-64
Rebecca McKay, "The Anthropologist of Sleep Returns to the Wisdom of Raptors" (Poetry) pg. 34 // "I Have Learned Nothing from Deer" (Poetry) pg. 35 // "Larus argentatus as Mistranslation" (Poetry) pg. 36
Aimee Mepham, "Raving Ones" (Fiction) pgs. 5-12
Lauren Moseley, "Mary" (Poetry) pg. 65
Wendy Rawlings, "Studying Irish" (Nonfiction) pgs. 23-33
Diana Reaves, "Blackberry Lilies" (Poetry) pgs. 49-51
Raf Richardson, "Sunil Yapa's Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist" (Review) pgs. 81-82
Adam Roux, "Petina Gappah's The Book of Memory" (Review) pgs. 77-78
Amy Sailer, "Against Vanitas" (Poetry) pgs. 1-2
Andrea Witzke Slot, "Lymphatic" (Fiction) pgs. 62-63
Chad Temples, "Cantaloupe" (Poetry) pg. 76
Mitchell Untch, "The Playing Field" (Poetry) pg. 55
Felicia Zamora, "& in wonder too" (Poetry) pg. 54

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Issue 35, Summer 2015

Editor: Teresa Kim
Fiction Editor: Emily Temple
Poetry Editor: Julia Carino
Nonfiction Editor: Emma Copley Eisenberg
Social Media Manager: Amanda Korman
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Megan Blankenship, "Fantasy" (Poetry) pg. 1 // "Dammed" (Poetry) pg. 20
Helen Chandler, "Ottessa Moshfegh's Eileen" (Review) pgs. 105-107
Aaron Coleman, "Manmade Shelter Beneath Rupturing Sky" (Poetry) pg. 47
Emma Copley Eisenberg, "An Interview with Meg Wolitzer" (Interview) pgs. 85-92
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies" (Review) pgs. 95-97 // "Claire Vaye Watkin's Gold Fame Citrus" (Review) pgs. 115-116
Courtney Flerlage, "Ada Limon's Bright Dead Things" (Review) pgs. 102-104
Meg Freitag, "The Outside Bird" (Poetry) pgs. 34-35
Paul Guest, "Cate Marvin's Oracle" (Review) pgs. 104-105
H.K. Hummel, "To Begin--" (Poetry) pg. 48 // "Vigil" (Poetry) pg. 49
John James, "Poem Around Which Everything Is Structured" (Poetry) pgs. 79-81
Jeff P. Jones, "Another Dead Girl" (Fiction) pgs. 2-18
Chris Knapp, "Helen Phillips's The Beautiful Bureaucrat" (Review) pgs. 108-111
Veronica Kuhn, "Rowan Ricardo Phillips's Heaven" (Review) pgs. 111-113
Devin Latham, "Wild Things in Safe Places" (Nonfiction) pgs. 72-78
Nichole LeFebvre, "Laura Holmes's Barbara the Slut and other People" (Review) pgs. 99-102
Carly Miller, "Dream Ladder" (Poetry) pgs. 67-71
Mirabella Mitchell, "Richard Siken's War of the Foxes" (Review) pgs. 113-114
Annie Pittman, "Sandra Beasley's Count the Waves" (Review) pgs. 93-95
Rachel Riederer, "The Rainmakers" (Nonfiction) pgs. 36-46
Adam Roux, "Joy Williams's The Visiting Privilege" (Review) pgs. 117-118
Michael Schmeltzer, "'And these are plenty and manifold'" (Poetry) pgs. 60-66
Rob Shapiro, "Tony Hoagland's Application for Release from the Dream" (Review) pgs. 97-99
Alison Turner, "Foreign Teachers Contract" (Fiction) pgs. 50-59
Matthew Wimberly, "American Dark Matter" (Poetry) pgs. 21-33
David Winter, "Questions I Do Not Ask My Ex-Lover" (Poetry) pg. 19
Meg Wolitzer, "An Interview with Meg Wolitzer" (Interview) pgs. 85-92

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Issue 34, January 2015

Editor: Teresa Kim
Poetry Editor: Julia Carino
Fiction Editor: Emily Temple
Nonfiction Editor: Emma Copley Eisenberg
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Dean Dass

Jeffrey Alfier, "Where Light Widens Beyond Salinas River Inlet" (Poetry) pg. 4
Sierra Bellows, "Major Arcana" (Nonfiction) pgs. 48-62
Stephanie Dugger, "Games" (Poetry) pg. 18 // "Mother Summaries" (Poetry) pgs. 19-21
John Estes, "Forced Analogy" (Poetry) pgs. 69-70 // "Prose Poem Ending with a Sentence from Quixote" (Poetry) pg. 71
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Get in Trouble: Stories by Kelly Link" (Review) pgs. 104-105
Courtney Flerlage, "Girl King by Brittany Cavallaro" (Review) pgs. 99-101
Robert Gibb, "Wildflowers" (Poetry) pg. 5 // "Snow Day" (Poetry) pgs. 6-8
Julie Hanson, "Indoor Tundra" (Poetry) pgs. 1-2
Brad Johnson, "Jonah and the Tractor" (Poetry) pg. 3
LA Johnson, "Impermanence" (Poetry) pg. 42
Christopher Kempf, "Impingement" (Poetry) pgs. 13-14 // "Scabies" (Poetry) pgs. 15-17
Veronica Kuhn, "Our House Was on Fire by Laura Van Prooyen" (Review) pgs. 101-103
Devon Moore, "Walking by the Niagara River, Winter" (Poetry) pgs. 45-46 // "Pigeons" (Poetry) pg. 47
Joseph Mulholland, "Andalucia" (Poetry) pg. 63 // "Poem with Sciatic Pain" (Poetry) pg. 64
Caitlin Neeley, "Deviants by Peter Kline" (Review) pgs. 110-112
James Salter, "An Interview with James Salter" (Interview) pgs. 75-90
Tom Saya, "So Rare" (Poetry) pg. 97
Rob Shapiro, "Red List by Stephen Cushman" (Review) pgs. 106-107
Alexander Slotnick, "An Interview with James Salter" (Interview) pgs. 75-90
Bruce Snider, "Suite" (Poetry) pgs. 92-96
Lucas Southworth, "Last Winter Among the Coyotes" (Fiction) pgs. 9-12
J. David Stevens, "Murdertown" (Fiction) pgs. 25-38
Chelsea Wagenaar, "Miscarriage" (Poetry) pg. 22 // "Shopping for a mattress" (Poetry) pgs. 23-24
Adam J. Williams, "Stargazing (Utopia Parkway)" (Poetry) pgs. 39-41
David Winter, "The Rape Trail" (Poetry) pg. 43 // "To Impute Crime To Color" (Poetry) pg. 44
Karen Yoder, "flowers don't offend" (Poetry) pg. 91
Nikki Zielinski, "Against Pastoral" (Poetry) pgs. 65-66 // "Antirrhinium" (Poetry) pg. 67 // "Joan, 1431" (Poetry) pg. 68

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Issue 33, May 2014

Editor: Jocelyn Sears
Poetry Editor: Brian Sneeden
Fiction Editor: Alison Penning
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Elisabeth Hogeman

Michael Barach, "Portrait of Disease with a Detail of Nausea" (Poetry) pgs. 66-69
Jonathan Barrett, "Witch-Burning Pantoum" (Poetry) pgs. 70-71
Melissa Barrett, "Homesick" (Poetry) pg. 113 // "Mock Chlorophyll" (Poetry) pgs. 114-116
Scott Brennan, "Posing with Fish" (Poetry) pgs. 144-145
Libby Burton, "To the Hair of My Unborn Child" (Poetry) pg. 29
Caitlin Conley, "Samsara by Jennifer Markell" (Review) pgs. 160-163
Regina DiPerna, "Death as Mutation" (Poetry) pgs. 139-140
Sara Eliza Johnson, "Epilogue" (Poetry) pg. 125
Anya Groner, "Buster" (Fiction) pgs. 9-25
Elisabeth Hogeman, "Geographic Tongues" (Artwork) pgs. 77-87
Christopher Kempf, "Sweat" (Nonfiction) pgs. 52-65
Amanda Korman, "An Interview with Jim Shepard" (Interview) pgs. 105-111
Andrew Kozma, "Halloween" (Poetry) pg. 118
Trudy Lewis, "Pelt" (Fiction) pgs. 88-103
Ann M. Mazur, "Candy in Our Brains by Anne Barngrover and Avni Vyas" (Review) pgs. 147-149
Earle McCartney, "A Day's Ride from Everywhere" (Fiction) pgs. 32-47
Lucien Darjeun Meadows, "Engraved by Anna George Meek" (Review) pgs. 152-154
Patrick Milian, "Bone" (Poetry) pgs. 50-51
Matt Morton, "Two Modes" (Poetry) pg. 141 // "Go Long" (Poetry) pgs. 142-143
Indu Ohri, "Every Bird, To You by Sarah Marcus" (Review) pgs. 149-151
Andrew Payton, "Gardening for Fuck-Ups" (Fiction) pgs. 129-138
Alison Penning, "An Interview with Jim Shepard" (Interview) pgs. 105-111
Jennifer Perrine, "Piblokto" (Poetry) pg. 117
Doug Ramspeck, "Mud Memories" (Poetry) pgs. 126-127 // "Mud Foundlings" (Poetry) pg. 128
Claire Raymond, "On The Georgraphy of Tongues" (Introduction) pgs. 73-75
Brittney Scott, "Shadow Box" (Poetry) pgs. 48-49
Jim Shepard, "An Interview with Jim Shepard" (Interview) pgs. 105-111
Nicole Smith, "The Broken Pattern" (Fiction) pgs. 119-124
Beth Sutherland, "A Prayer Journal by Flannery O'Conner, edited by W.A. Sessions" (Review) pgs. 165-169
Lindsay Turner, "Monkeys, Minor Planet, Average Star" (Review) pgs. 158-160
Grace Vasington, "Guinevere in Baltimore" (Review) pgs. 155-157
Ryan White, "If I'd Known You Were Coming by Kate Milliken" (Review) pgs. 163-165
Cori Winrock, "All by Myself I am a Huge Camellia" (Poetry) pgs. 30-31
Patty Yumi Cottrell, "Ditch Method" (Poetry) pg. 26 // "Ditch Method" (Poetry) pg. 27 // "Ditch Method" (Poetry) pg. 28
Jose Zamora, "Only the Streets Know" (Poetry) pgs. 3-8

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